Øjets Nektar

Installation at Illum Department Store, Copenhagen, DK
LOCATION : Illum Department Store, Copenhagen
David Stjernholm

Acrylic, mylar
18 m x 4 m x 4 m


From Press release:
Experience 'Nectar of the Eye' by artist Ruth Campau in ILLUM
In the middle of the pulsating ILLUM, where the eye is drawn towards the multiplicity of beauty and one is seduced by dreams of renewal, artist Ruth Campau manifests her latest masterpiece - the 18 meter high artwork 'Eye's Nektar'. Created exclusively for ILLUM's magnificent atrium courtyard, the work unfolds as a poetic metaphor for the department store's dynamism. 

From January 29 to March 22, visitors to ILLUM are invited to experience Ruth Campau's alluring works in the exhibition under the same name. 

The exhibition of Ruth Campau's works in ILLUM underlines the department store's ambition to be an experience house that constantly surprises and fascinates its guests. With 'Eye's Nektar', visitors are invited to immerse themselves in an artistic journey that unites aesthetics and dynamism in a unique way.